Supporting housing that's equal and equitable for all

The Equal Housing Initiative is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Not-For-Profit Canadian Charity based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our mandate is to bring evidence based best practice, advocacy and practical support for the creation and sustainability of housing that is equal and equitable for all.

A Question of Housing

Housing is a basic human right that everyone is entitled to, without discrimination. This right is important in ensuring affordable and accessible housing stock and most importantly, a housing environment that facilitates participation in community life and promotes physical, emotional and spiritual health.

We are working to strengthen communities through the provision of:


To organizations working in the area of "Homeless Health" and Housing.


For evidence based best practices in Homeless Health.

Practical Supports

To assist organizations with projects that advance equal housing solutions.

Funding Partnerships

To assist organizations with projects that advance equal housing solutions.

Service Coordination

To support successful equal housing outcomes.

Sponsored Research

To develop innovative solutions.

Our Core Functions


Organizing and managing the most relevant and reliable information.


Taking new, little-known, or little-understood ideas, giving them weight, and making them more widely understood.


Offering a means to give projects the resources they need to carry out their main activities.


Bringing together different, distinct people or groups of people.

Community Building

Promoting and sustaining collective values and standards.

Learning and Facilitating

Helping members and projects carry out their activities more efficiently and effectively.

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